Dungeon & Dragons Barbarian

Dungeon & Dragons Barbarian

If you’re searching for a powerful fighter to use in Dungeons & Dragons games, Barbarians are an excellent option. Not only are they strong and fast but also possess several unique features which can make them challenging to play.

One of these features is their capacity for rage, which can be useful in combat but potentially hazardous for players nearby. It is the DM’s responsibility to regulate this feature within the game; however, it can prove frustrating for all involved.


Barbarians are loners who live a solitary existence, either in the wilderness or among more civilized races. They take great pride in their warrior heritage and ability to survive in harsh conditions even as they move on to more comfortable worlds.

They are fiercely loyal to those they care about and uphold the traditions of their ancient tribes. While they can get along with most races, they usually disdain those who compromise their traditional ways or turn away from danger when faced.

Adventurers are known for their courage in the face of danger. While they enjoy the freedom and independence that comes from adventuring alone, they also value the close-knit bonds formed among fellow adventurers.

Being the victor in a fight is an exhilarating feeling. While it may not always be the most important factor, being first can add another dimension to your damage total and provide added motivation for all parties involved.

If you’re seeking a high damage output build, the sentinel polearm feat is an ideal option. This feat grants you the power to make melee attacks using your weapon as if you were a fighter, meaning that each attack deals additional rage damage and strength damage.

In addition to increasing your damage, this feat may also enable you to proc your brutal critical more often if you make frequent melee attacks. It’s an interesting feature and one that should definitely be considered if you have the time for it.

The Zealot path is ideal for combat barbarians who are also religious madmen. They possess many beneficial abilities rooted in their zealot faith, such as extra radiant or necrotic damage and unarmored defense – an invaluable benefit to any barbarian who does not wear armor.

The Path of the Totem Warrior presents Barbarians with a more challenging and intriguing path, as they are able to select a totem animal at each level. This provides them with an inspirational spirit animal that they can call upon in battle – providing powerful inspiration and motivation during intense conflict.


The Bardbarian melee class is ideal for players seeking high damage output, low defense, and fast movement. They can also prove enjoyable and challenging to newcomers in the game.

Barbarians possess a vast arsenal of abilities that enable them to excel in various situations. Selecting the appropriate skillsets is key in improving your Barbarian’s combat performance.

First and foremost, evaluate your party’s skill gaps to identify which skills are most pertinent for you. Chances are that many of the abilities other classes gain won’t apply directly to you, so feel free to transfer those abilities onto other members of your party if their bonuses are greater.

Strength, Dexterity and Constitution are your main stats to focus on. Strength and dexterity boost melee combat for extended periods of time; thus increasing the effectiveness of primary attacks.

For Berserker builds, investing in a weapon with an ability score boost is wise. Doing so gives you an extra attack advantage against weak enemies.

For even greater damage output, you can pick up an item with a rage bonus on each melee attack. Doing so will allow you to hit multiple times for added damage output.

The barbarian is one of the few classes that can critically hit with two-handed weapons, making them an ideal choice for a high damage output build. They may choose to equip themselves with dual weapons which will boost their rage and critical hit chances up to 100% for each melee weapon attack.

As your Barbarian levels up, they will gain access to a number of new abilities that will enhance their melee combat capabilities. Popular among these are Leap which allows your Barbarian to leap into the air and deal damage to nearby enemies; and Whirlwind which makes them into an effective tornado that deals damage to all enemies within range. These skills make great additions to any Barbarian’s arsenal for when they need to eliminate targets quickly and efficiently – such as when facing off against multiple foes simultaneously.


Feats are an effective way to make your character concept stronger. They play a significant role in power levels, giving your barbarian greater impact when engaging in combat.

When selecting feats for my stories, I always look for ones that are either highly mechanically useful or have some narrative flair. A feat that lacks either of these attributes is not worth it; thus, I strive to pick options which offer both assistance and enjoyment.

Strenght is an invaluable stat for a Barbarian, as it increases their damage potential and allows them to land attacks more consistently. Furthermore, strenght can aid with Athletics skills – which are critical in any Barbarian’s arsenal.

Constitution is an invaluable stat for a Barbarian, as it will enable them to heal faster and maintain high hit points. This can be particularly advantageous if they use magic healing.

DurablePHB: Barbarian’s hit points will fluctuate dramatically due to their lack of armor, so this feat can be a lifesaver for them. Additionally, it allows them to spend their hit dice more efficiently so they don’t become an ongoing drain on the party’s healing resources.

SlasherTCoE: This feat stands out from other Barbarian feats due to its two primary functions – an ability score increase and speed reduction. Both can be beneficial, but it’s the ability score boost which makes this feat particularly valuable for this class.

This is an ideal option for tank builds or tough builds that want to pound faces. Furthermore, its ability to reduce movement by half can be a huge advantage against enemies who may dart away from you quickly.

This path is an excellent way to gain a formidable Barbarian who will be tough to defeat. Additionally, you have the option of selecting various totem animals which grant you power along the way; some abilities may be extremely helpful while others may not be as beneficial depending on how your DM rules them.

Primal Paths

Dungeons & Dragons Barbarian offers several primal paths, each with their own set of features that grant them certain abilities. Some are extremely powerful while others not quite so beneficial.

Berserker: The path of the berserker grants you various rage-based abilities. Rage is a special state of mind which can increase damage output and protect you from certain types of harm. Unfortunately, this resource is only available for a few moments without resting, so it’s essential to plan strategically when using it.

Battle Rager: This path starts out strong but then slows down towards the end. While its rage bonus may not be as substantial as some of the other paths available, it can still prove beneficial in increasing your attacks’ damage potential.

Nature: The nature path is another option for Barbarians, offering a range of advantages from animal-themed abilities to effects that change with each level your character gains. This path is ideal for those who like to switch up their combat style occasionally or want a Barbarian with more versatility in how they play.

Storm Herald: This path offers more flexibility than the Nature path and allows you to build various Barbarian types. It’s ideal for those seeking greater control over their rage.

Totem Warrior: This path is ideal for those who want some flexibility when it comes to their barbarian’s fighting style and how they deal with enemies. Additionally, it has several unique abilities like Beast Sense and Spirit Seeker which give your character some great flavor as a shaman or tribal warrior.

Bear: For those seeking resistance to all but psychic damage when the game is raging, this is an ideal option. You can even choose to gain immunity to poison or fire damage types – both common in-game occurrences.